Marcelo Burlon      
Written by philip
Wednesday, 27. October 2010

It seems like everybody already knows Marcelo Burlon.

And I bet that no matter where you live on this planet he probably knows more people in your city than you do. I mean in the end the fashion world is small, everybody knows everybody, but how come everybody wants a glimpse of this guy?

Because he’s throwing amazing parties? Maybe.

Because he’s organizing top-notch events? Maybe.

Because he seems to be at three places at the same time. Maybe.

Because he knows the right people? Maybe.

Or maybe because Marcelo is simply a nice guy without prejudices.

A guy that sees the beauty in everything.

A guy that spreads good vibes and positive energy and just makes people smile.

And all this with such an attitude that you know this guy is serious business. But who is he and what does he do?

Maybe you should ask Donatella Versace or Raf Simons or Riccardo Tisci or Neil Barrett or half of the fashion industry since he already has worked with all of them before. Or you just watch our VOV.


  1. I’ve seen Marcelo spinning at the Soto party this summer and it was just amazing to see how interacts with the people! What a spirit!

  2. [...] next VOV interview is dedicated to the fashion industry’s sweetest child: Mr. Marcelo [...]

  3. Very inspiring! Very curious where we see this guy in 10 years…

  4. i love your work

  5. [...] “It seems similar to everyone already knows Marcelo Burlon. And we play which no make a difference where we live upon this universe he substantially knows some-more people in your city than we do. we meant in a finish a conform universe is small, everyone knows everybody, though how come everyone wants a glance of this guy?Because he’s throwing extraordinary parties? Maybe.Because he’s organizing top-notch events? Maybe.Because he seems to be during 3 places during a same time. Maybe.Because he knows a right people?” (made) [...]

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