Written by philip
Tuesday, 23. November 2010

If you have spent some time in Berlin then you most likely have seen this guy at one point. He seems to be everywhere. Especially at night. When he’s not working.

When I saw Frank for the first few times I was always wondering who he is and what he’s doing. Not only because of his funny outfits and the impression that he knew the whole city, but also because he has this very friendly calmness that you don’t find a lot out there. Fortunately, I got to know him a bit and it was much later that I found out that he is an internationally acclaimed photographer represented by a handful of galleries throughout the world.

We thought it was time to let the world know who the man behind the famous Checkpoint Charlie portraits is and are proud to introduce you to Mr. Frank Thiel!

shot and edited by Matthias Maercks


  1. Frank rules!

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