Written by niigo
Friday, 19. August 2011

We are proud to present

MOMENTS at MADE – Chapter Two with Erykah Badu, Jaybo and Miki’s String Quintet – The Film

Thank you Miki for the vision!


  1. [...] MADE space in Berlin showcased their second Moments at MADE event the other week. Once again composer [...]

  2. Beautiful…Simply Beautiful…I love this!!! For real that is what it is about…bringing beautiful energies together…Beautifully done by everyone…

  3. Such a beautiful marriage of art…

  4. Amazing Stuff! So inspiring.

  5. [...] from MADE, a performance space in Berlin, comes a fascinating project wherein three artists from completely [...]

  6. Amazing how you can feel the music, the Sounds seeing the visuals that evolve from those sounds feel them in your heart, it so strong that it can make you cry from how wonderful it! Just Brilliant! -Jezz

  7. Calling you simply mesmerizing would be an insult to the magnitude of your beauty, both in and out. My heart dropped like a stone in the ocean when I watched this. – Your biggest fan

  8. This is so beautiful.. tears are in my eyes. This video has got something fluttering in my chest right now. ?

  9. this is SO inspiring! i can’t even describe how i felt, hearing erykah’s voice in a new context. the vibrations reached through in internet, into my home. THANK YOU!

  10. AMAZING!!
    it totally made my day!
    big props to MADE!

  11. Absolutely incredible, the MADE Space. Bringing creativity and Art making to a new level stage. Congratulations on Chapter 2.

  12. super classe, j’adore.
    I love dat

  13. Erykah you are great and Miki’s string quintet are also very good , they give some fresh air to your music. Jaybo’s art is fabulous !!! love ya all !

  14. i love her so much … she is truly a blessing to the hip-hop community. her message is pure … and theres no one that will ever ever .. reach her level of talent thank you erykah for being who you are .. and sharing your music with the world

  15. Wow! Beautiful! Can we purchase a download of the video? Audio? Great fundraiser.

  16. [...] from MADE, a performance space in Berlin, comes a fascinating project wherein three artists from completely [...]

  17. [...] this is a great moment in Hump day history. Erkyah sits down with the weirdos over at Made for this interview and performance. The interview is nice, but the performance footage after the [...]

  18. I’m forever inspired by Erykah Badu


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