Lee “Scratch” Perry VOV      
Written by nadav
Thursday, 17. November 2011

In this next episode of our SCRATCH’N'CUT VOV Series, join us on this magical journey of creativity, history and energy, as Lee “Scratch” Perry talks to us about being a fish walking on the universe, his body being a “one man band” and what the word “Scratch” means to him.

Enjoy this VOV.


  1. [...] Scratch Perry VOV – This is probably the most bizarre VOV interview we’ve did so far! This guy is crazy! (in a good way). Simply from another planet. Take a look [...]

  2. What´s the title of first track playing in the video? Tnx

  3. [...] corso della mostra organizzata da MADE, di cui vi avevamo parlato, uno dei graditi ospiti era stato Lee “Scratch” Perry. I berlinesi [...]

  4. this is “Underground – Lee Scratch Perry and the Upsetters (album: Super Ape)”

  5. Tnx Luise

  6. This is the messiah I’ve been looking for, where did you find this man and how can I connect with him?

  7. [...] Om Lee Scratch Perry nÃ¥n dag fÃ¥r för sig att starta sin egen religion (om han inte redan gjort det) sÃ¥ är Magnus gärna med och illustrerar det hela. Bilden är en första i en tänkt serie med inspiration frÃ¥n en ”andevärld” som lämnar lite mer utrymme för dubgubbar och alla andra som har möjligheten att se sig själva som en fisk. Mer om Lee Scratch Perry: http://made-blog.com/2011/11/lee-scratch-perry-vov/ [...]

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