NEW APPETITE – A Symposium on Food, Health and Being      
Written by luise
Monday, 29. October 2012

Last week, we were happy to present New Appetite – A Symposium on Food, Health and Being.

We were honored to welcome two experts from different fields of nutrition and well-being; Sarah Britton, a holistic nutritionist, vegetarian chef and renowned blogger and Dr. Max Timm, an internal medicine specialist who has developed a unique individualized nutrition and support concept for the comprehensive metabolic conversion and regulation.

The two symposiums began with Sarah demonstrating how quick and easy it is to create delicious dishes from raw foods – almond milk, salsa, hummus and more. Sarah also shared some of her tips for an overall healthier lifestyle and a more complete well-being.
Following Sarah’s demonstration, Max took the stage to discuss his general rules and guidelines for a more balanced nutrition in our daily lives, including what kind of foods and proteins to eat, when to eat them, and how to mix them up through out the

Both Sarah and Max shared some truly eye-opening information that sparked curiosity and lead to enriching conversations.
At the culmination of the evening, the audience sat down and enjoyed some delicious raw-food dishes prepared by Sarah.

It was an evening of food, health and well-being, lead by two charismatic experts and shared by the audience at MADE. We would like to thank Sarah and Max, as well as everybody who came out, for being part of this inspiring experience.

A special thanks goes out to Samantha Koch for all of her help and wonderful energy.

For more information on Sarah Britton, and to check out her recipes please visit her Blog –

For more information on Dr. Max Timm, please visit

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  2. Awesome time. More of MADE’s good taste in Life… and Nico’s good taste in pants.

    Cheers family!

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