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Monday, 31. December 2012

Yué Wu for the ABSOLUT Art-Stream curated by MADE

Saturday, December 1st, saw the official launch of ABSOLUT Art-Stream, curated by MADE.

Our good friend, talented Parisian artist Yué Wu, presented his unique artwork – “The Circle of Life”, an installation & animation film.

The Installation - comprised of 60 white ABSOLUT bottles, each of which was hand-drawn on by Yué.

The Animation Film “Circle of Life” - put together in sequence, the 60 bottles create a wonderful animation film about change, growth and rebirth.

Check out the project film as well as Yué’s animation, below.

Following the unveiling of his piece, Yué then proceeded to live-draw on a 6 liter white ABSOLUT bottle, which was presented and projected in real-time live onto the 30qm canvas located in Alexanderplatz, across the street from MADE. This was a true spectacle for those at MADE watching Yué master his craft, the people outside seeing the live projection on the canvas, and of course for Yué himself.

Merci beaucoup to Yué for taking this creative journey with us, and for everyone who came out and enjoyed the evening.

VJ Safy Sniper for the ABSOLUT Art-Stream curated by MADE

The next artist we had the pleasure of working with for the month-long ABSOLUT Art-Stream is VJ Safy Sniper.

Safy is a pioneer when it comes to visual-art and the art of VJ´ing. His unique approach to this craft involves working with actual live footage and mixing eclectic visual elements together to create something new.

For his ABSOLUT Art-Stream work, Safy used Blue Box technology to capture different dancers’ movements and gestures. He used this footage, together with music and other visual elements to create a live experience here in MADE and projected outside on the canvas of the ABSOLUT Art-Stream.

It was great to see how the synergy of video and audio came together live and projected.A big thanks to Safy for sharing his talent and bringing the canvas to life in this wonderful way.

Enjoy the film that documents Safy’s working process and event at MADE below.

MADE Content

During the month-long ABSOLUT Art-Stream curated by MADE, we are also highlighting content from past MADE projects. This footage, customized and edited to fit the Art-Stream canvas, is from RESEEN, Captured and FUTURE SELF.

Check out how the footage looks on the Art-Stream Canvas, below.

Matthias Maercks for the ABSOLUT Art-Stream curated by MADE

The next artist we had the pleasure of working with for the month-long ABSOLUT Art-Stream is our very own video director and producer, Matthias Maercks.

Matthias has been with MADE along every step of the journey, and has captures each and every one of our projects, including Captured, FUTURE SELF and more.

In this original film created by Matthias for the ABSOLUT Art-Stream, “Immersion”, Matthias presents the concept of immersion and how it pertains to one’s own visual reality and environment. The video presents figures jumping – immersing themselves – into a new reality, shaped by the Art-Stream canvas.

We thank all jumpers, and of course Matthias for the great work and for being part of this.

“Bottle-Light” installation

Created by architectural designers Alexis Dornier and Ilija Bentscheff, the “Bottle-Light” is a hand-crafted piece comprised of 197 4.5 L ABSOLUT bottles, each of which can adapt any color or mood and can be conducted like a visual orchestra of lights.

The piece was the grande finale of the month-long ABSOLUT Art-Stream curated by MADE, and lit up the Berlin skyline in such a wonderful way.

We would like to thank:
Lechmann Engineering GmbH, Kay Kaden, Uwe Weinack, Mariano Fernandez, Thorsten Nass, Tomek,
Matthias Balz, Marco Thews, Daniel Margraf, Spreefunkeln, Füllner & Partner GmbH and LEDXON.

Special thanks to:
Amanda Chan
AF-FIX: Jörg Reinich, Andreas Levers, Frank Zimmermann & team
dirk & philip kommunikation

Enjoy the film…

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