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Wednesday, 15. May 2013

This past April saw the premiere of 5 CUTS – A VISUAL DIALOGUE with Yohji Yamamoto, at MADE.

5 CUTS attempted to liberate the iconic Japanese fashion designer from the fashion spotlight he has been reduced to for over 3 decades.

After spending many hours and engaging in an intimate and personal exchange with Mr. Yamamoto over the past several months in Tokyo and in Paris, we, the MADE team, carefully selected 5 instances – cuts – which we felt best to capture his spirit and show the artist, the craftsman, the man…Yohji Yamamoto.

We were honored to have Mr. Yamamoto with us at MADE, and have him, along with everyone in attendance, experience the premiere of the video installation.

Today, we are happy to present the film recap of the premiere, and to provide a glimpse into the 5 CUTS  video installation.


5 CUTS – A VISUAL DIALOGUE with Yohji Yamamoto | FILM RECAP from MADE on Vimeo.

Film by Matthias Maercks and Dennis Drobny

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